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Re: the yearly flurry of email messages...

The Smalltalk code in the image does everything, it was as functional or more so than the C++ version,  stuff written in C++
was to support the constructs that were in Smalltalk or like those in Smalltalk, and impedance match mostly.

On Feb 11, 2011, at 12:01 PM, Hans-Martin Mosner wrote:

> Am 11.02.2011 19:26, schrieb John Ohno:
>> Are you planning to translate the code in X to proper squeak, and then
>> rewrite the C++ pieces?
> Roughly, that's the plan. First I want to look at the code and see how the X stuff is done, and then I'll decide what to do.
> I'm not sure whether the code in the image contains the complete backend functionality, or whether part of that
> functionality is in the X++ code.
> So before deciding what I will do, I need to have a deeper look at what's there.
> A short update on my image reading efforts: I'm currently able to read objects from the UGold image into Squeak, will
> reconstruct the complete class hierarchy tonight (maybe without methods).
> Cheers,
> Hans-Martin