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Re: Udanax Green crash, error response from back-end

On Mon, 2007-01-08 at 17:25 +0100, Berend van Berkum wrote:
> g and creating links 
> doesn't seem to work though, I can go into edit mode and insert 
> text but none of it is saved. 
This one I have an immediate answer to.  The trick is, you have to exit
pyxi with <alt>q , Not very  friendly or intuitive, but his is a hack
demo anyway.  Rather than clean it up as a demo, I've been trying to
find a real use for green, and use that to drive development.

I now have a clear idea of what to do for bebe (or backup, as subset  of
bebe), and the disk allocation has to be modified for large datasets.
Disk allocation was the first thing we  wrote in 1979, and it didn't
allow for more than some hundreds of megabytes of disk, it never was
intended to be the final version (we were developing on floppies and
later a 10Mbyte disk).

However until I find a real use for it, I'm not going to do much to it
except fix bitrot.  I don't think the 23vs64 bit ints is such a thing,
but I might change my mind, It depends on what it takes to make it work
on OSX.

Your other questions I'll try to get to today, at least to confirm them.
If you fix anything, or make any good changes, send them to me and I'll
fold them back in.  It shouldn't be too hard to catch the interrupt, or
the close window event, or whatever it is to make pyxi exit properly.
Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow, it should take 5 lines or so.