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Re: code for updated udanax green!

--- roger gregory <roger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Pyxi (Python Udanax Interface) v.3

did you change the version of pyxi, I only have '2.31'.

> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "pyxi", line 1456, in ?
>     window.browser.goto(x88.Address(addr))
>   File "pyxi", line 1049, in goto
>     self.loaddoc(spec, editable)
>   File "pyxi", line 1098, in loaddoc
>     self.opendoc(docid, editable)
>   File "pyxi", line 1105, in opendoc
>     docid = self.xs.open_document(docid, mode, x88.CONFLICT_COPY)
>   File "x88.py", line 676, in open_document
>     self.xc.command(35, docid, access, copy)
>   File "x88.py", line 641, in command
>     response = self.Number()
>   File "x88.py", line 612, in Number
>     def Number(self): return Number_read(self.stream)
>   File "x88.py", line 55, in Number_read
>     chunk = stream.readchunk()
>   File "x88.py", line 829, in readchunk
>     if ch == "?": raise XuError, "error response from back-end"
> UdanaxError: error response from back-end
> make: *** [demo] Error 1
> [roger@ds ~/udanax-2003-08-12]$ python -V
> Python 2.2.1
> [roger@ds ~/udanax-2003-08-12]$

are you sure that the enf file the backend opens contains a document at the
correct address? I believe the error here is that the frontend told the backend
to open a document that does not exist, and therefore it crashed.

according to the error you should not need to upgrade your python, check this
out first before you do so.

Dan Dutkiewicz

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