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Re: Forum for bugs/patches

I think this forum would be fine for small patches. This way they will be captured into the list archives in case anyone else needs it.

And when I receive it from you, either via this list or directly, I'll apply it to the CVS I maintain at www.sunless-sea.net.

I appreciate the patch very much. I was aware of an issue re pyxi where it would work for localhost only, but not over TCP, due to a timing issue where it reads the socket nonblocking and doesn't splice the pieces together. I never dug into it as it looked like a non-trivial fix and at the time, I was using it over localhost. Perhaps this is what you hit.

Jeff Rush, A Udanax Archivist

Aaron Bingham wrote:

I've been playing with Udanax Green for a couple of days.  At first
pyxi refused to run at all, and I was frustrated to find no discussion
of pyxi bugs and patches anywhere.  I eventually got it running after
a couple hours of debugging, and I'd like to share my patch, as I'm
sure others have run across the same problem.

Is this the forum for patches, etc?  Is there another forum that would
be more apropriate?