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Re: Seeking Reference Material on Certain Obscure Programming Terms

Jeff, the Smalltalk source code for Heaper and Emulsion/FluidVar/etc
is missing from the downloads from udanax, but *is* included in some
additional source code that Les Tyrrell gained.

You can download from:

which was down when I just tried, but I have included a copy of this
in my udanax-gold2java release at http://www.abora.org, look in the
udanax-gold2java/udanax-gold directory.

"Mark S. Miller" <markm@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> At 06:26 PM 2/2/2003 Sunday, Jeff Rush wrote:
> >* passe
> This either meant "deprecated" or gone/retired. I don't remember which. Also 
> our coinage.

From Xanadu-Xpp-Basic.st

{void} passe
	self error: 'this routine is just passe...'!

There is no definition of #error: I can find, but in "standard"
Smalltalk implementations, it is defined in Object and raises an exception.

> >* fluid and emulsion
> [...]
> I know you're working on the Smalltalk side, but I just don't remember what 
> we did there, except that it had adequately similar semantics.

See Xanadu-Xpp-fluid.st

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