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Re: Weekly Planning Meeting, 12/4

> F.       michael
>      12/11/90     add preprocessor to stubble script

Actually, that was done a couple weeks ago.  What brought it up in the
meeting was that I apparently hadn't made that clear, and Mr Hill had
started doing it, too.

I downloaded my version during the meeting, and handed it off to eric
for merging.  We're going with mine, because I've been using it for a
couple weeks, and it had just stabilized with these additional loose
ends tied up:

	- Related stubble architecture mods are done.  These include:
	  - "echoed" text moved from stubble to StubbleForm.f, using new
	    $(FNAME) and $(CAPFNAME) ants.
	  - Stubble arguments added to provide separate defines and
	    include directory sets for the two preprocessor passes.
	  - Lexex file converted to an #include file (Stubble.hlx), using
	    the new $LEX directive.  (Related change made to StubbleForm.f)
	  - A $(VANISH) ant defined (with the new $DEF directive), so
	    #directives can be written into to the output file.  (Related
	    changes made to StubbleForm.f)

	- Backend (Shepherd Stub-related) data structures separated from
	  the rest of the StubbleForm.f file (into two new files:
	  backend1.hf and backend2.hf).  (This stabilized the rest of
	  the stuff, letting me drop the bert on all but the backend*

So there's a couple boxes you can mark on the pert, if you'd like.  B-)

(I consider the file naming tentative, pending suggestions that conform
 more closely the the rest of our conventions.  ".hf" was for "header
 formic",  and ".hlx" for "header lex", on the model of ".hxx" for
 "header (c)xx")

(Note that, with the additions of $LEX and $DEF and the reorganizations
 related to them, the -f file {typically SubbleForm.f or Doc.f} and
 its #includes can {and in StubbleForm.f's case now does} provide the
 entire description of the translation to be done.  This simplified,
 regularized, generalized, and shrank the "stubble" script some significant
 amount.  This should probably be continued a little more { by SOMEBODY ELSE!
 B-) } to clean up the -d special cases.)