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Re: Scheran & .hxx formatting

Rob was asked to place this request in public (after mailing
it privately to the appropriate person) because this type of
formatting has broken other people's "homebrew" tools.  If
our response to customers using filters over the headers we
supply is "well it doesn't violate the language spec buddy,
so use a real parser," then we have a customer relations issue.

I think the suggestion here is that you are producing a product
for customers.  They have little concern for what your problems
may have been when you wrote the software, what concerns them
is using it productively in their environment.  If they can't,
they won't. 

Please feel free to use the Montage group as a stalking horse
for all customer related issues.  I would suggest that include
practicing ways of saying "sorry, that's the way it is" graciously.

Drop this thread, folks.  The "problem" is fixed, the code is
Scheran'ed and linked, soon (we hope) to be working.