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making networks of objects is easier...

A couple of days ago I realized one of things that is much easier in a
Janus like language than in Smalltalk:  making networks of objects.
In Smalltalk I have to make on object, then the other, neither of
which is complete without connection to the other.  In Janus, the
connection exists before either object, so I can create the two
objects conceptually simultaneously with equal knowledge of the other.

I think this will clean up building complex systems significantly,
because the most intimidating and surprising part of the systems I've
seen are hooking things up in the first place (look at any application
building kit or environment).  Languages that force you to think about
the order in which things get connected require attention to a
complicated detail that just shouldn't matter, and any order you
choose is necessarily unnatural.

Just waxing philosophical.