A few pointers of ergonomic interest . . .

A detailed, illustrated account of a nine-step ergonomic design/ redesign process of Sun's internal Web pages (rich in Java, but only non-Java screenshots posted in this presentation); fairly bandwidth- intensive, but worth every byte of it. Contains a pointer to a rare on the Web, well-illustrated paper on the _methodology_ of that, er, paper-prototyping process .

Jacob Nielsen, SunSoft Distinguished Engineer and the author of the above "private" column containing a wealth of well-put, intriguing issues and a must-read for anyone whose software-writing ambitions stretch beyond staying within a formal budget. Cannot be recommended strongly enough; Nielsen should be given a Nobel Prize in Tech- Writing Lucidity. A low-bandwidth fount of wisdom. Of for this Xanadudlian forum particular interest should be Jacob's pitfalls of Java borderless adoration a l e r t ! a l e r t ! a l e r t ! . . .

Archive of past presentations at the Sillivalley/ Bay Computer- Human Interaction SIG chapter of the ACM, which contains many interesting (text) pointers. Will soon move to its own domain of "baychi.org" I believe. Low-bandwidth resource.

An eye-opener both for presentation, content AND Xanadu/ Transcopyright context: an innovative infinite- zoom interface which *MAY* be closer in spirit to any data-fragment front-end than any other (non-ideavapor- warish) client model that I know of.

__Ian THE Missing Link Between Natural St upidity and Artificial Intelligence