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Extremeity is a gift. And so I believe that just as extreme intelligence is a gift, so is extreme stupidity. The ability to survive by the utilization of the fewest number of brain cells necessary is quite a talent. Or is it that each indivisual brain cell itself functions minimally? Either way, I am therefore gifted. And as the duty of the indivisual to share talent, I would like to present a few of my thoughts. For example, if you traveled faster than the speed of light, it is said that you would go back in time. That is so beyond any demension of thought that I can not even begin to understand. For I assumed that if you were to travel faster than the speed of would be dark. Or would it still be light from the light that left before the one you passed? That would deam it pointless to travel faster than the speed of light, unless you traveled faster than light itself. In other words, you would have to travel faster than the first the definition of light, one big light that has been traveling since the beginning of time? Because then, I can understand that if you traveled faster than the speed of light, you would definately find yourself going
back in time...I therefore then, do not believe in Superman.

Published by Rica Miyata under transcopyright in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Prof. Nelson's "Information Media" course, fall 1997.