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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] JDK1.1/1.2 compat. problem: cursor

> >I suspect you've managed to move the homecell or system list
> I know what the home cell is -- it's blue and green when gzz first fires
> up, right?  

Yes, ID number one.

> But what's the system list?  It's possible that Ted moved it,
> because he likes to customize his environment, but I've never moved
> anything on the left side (action, dimension stuff).  The only thing I do
> that could be considered "system" is add dimensions.  Otherwise, I'm just
> off in my own demo space making cells and connections.

Yes, well, tell him that the Cell with the ID 1's connection downward on
d.2 is to be considered holy and mustn't be touched at all. The only
things you should do there right now is to add / remove dimensions and
bindings. Everything else should be done elsewhere. The Actions cells are
not special in any way: you can write the same string into another cell
in another place and it'll work. Possibly while customizing where the
actions are he tried to move the cell on the system list to another place?
That would easily do it...

> If moving the home cell or system list  causes a major failure, wouldn't it
> be good to make that an impossible operation?  

Well, that whole side of space needs some thorough speccing by Ted before
it's settled. The whole system space at the moment is fairly arbitrary.