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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] :gzz: Usage & Problem Report (version of 06.28)

> >> ? When I hit 'escape' to go home, the left-hand window rotated
> >>  into the dimensions of the right-hand window.
> >
> >Actually, both go to d.1 d.2 d.3, I think - or not?
> Nope.  It was something like d.dates, d.marriage, d.clone ...
>  Same thing's happened several times, dift combinations.

Very strange. Shouldn't happen. Here, Esc reverts both to d.1, d.2, d.3.

> >> ? The left-hand window cannot seem to rotate its dimension views.
> >>  It should be usable for general exploration, dims must rotate.
> >
> >Control-X, Control-Y, Control-Z
> I vote for caps, harmonize with prototype.

Done already.