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Re: [zzdev] :gzz,virt: Dim. rotation probs (was Re2: [zzdev] :gzz: Usage & Problem Report (version of 06.28)

> >I find it nice to be
> >able to reset to the beginning - when you're at home you don't have much
> >use to special dimensions before you've travelled somewhere. And at the
> >present, one can use 'home' to get home without changing the
> >dimensions. Should we change this?
> I'd suggest what we have in the prototype: "go home" separate from
>  "reset view".  If you want them the same it can be a keybinding that
>  puts both functions on one key.

Well, which keys should these all be?

> >> ? The left-hand window cannot seem to rotate its dimension views.
> >>  It should be usable for general exploration, dims must rotate.
> >
> >You tried Ctrl-x and Ctrl-Shift-x?
> No.  I expected caps for the left and lower-case for the right.
>  Since going backwards through the list is a lot less important than 
>  rotating the left window view, the simpler keystroke should rotate.

Done. The importance is relative though: if you have more than six
dimensions on the list, rotating backwards gets vital.