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Re: Cell IDs and d.cellcreation

> The problem at the moment is that the current ZZ-space implementations
> give the second cell created some other number than 2. Why is that?

There was some good reason for that, but I forget what it was.

> And considering the space implementations, I think we should move the
> id booking operations into the ZZDimSpace because that's where
> d.cellcreation is defined and it needs the ids anyway. IMHO
> d.cellcreation should be taken as a general property of every ZZ-space:
> - every cell created could be always referenced to - even after
> possible deletion
> - every cell could be easily referenced to - along the dimension, that
> is - without the need to know the format of ids

> By the way, is there this kind of dimensions already (required of
> and defined for every ZZ-space)? Maybe d.clone? And what about d.1, d.2
> and d.3?

d.1, d.2 and d.3 are "scratch dimensions" which are there but are
all "normal".

There are many different special dimensions planned, e.g. d.version or
d.watch (or some other dimension for observing changes to a cell).