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Re: :gzz: Re: Change names? (wuz :gzz: What's preventing ME from using Gzz (wuz Re: Thanks for last night's discussion

> >I mean what needs to be put in the cells and how they are organized needs
> >to be settled - the current arrangement is fairly ad hoc, as well as the
> >text that goes into the cells.
> The basic organization of the cells can be rearranged
>  by users (such as the Actions list and Keybindings)
>  and so the organization is relatively unimportant.
> Can you be more specific about what you think needs
>  to be settled ?-)

When the view starts displaying, it knows only one cell, the viewspecs
cell. From this cell it finds the accursed cell, the dimensions to show,
the type of raster to use, the parameters for the raster etc etc.

What needs to be specced is how it finds all these, starting from 
the viewspecs cell, the raster parameters, their layout etc.

(copying to zzdev - the Finnish GZigZag developers, all four(!!) of us
are now on it.)