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:zz: Specs for separate windows (zzpush interface)

 -- the new interface with the Netscape Javascript window
 (operating in Push mode).

Our program opens Netscape windows.  Netscape is strictly in
 slave mode: our keystrokes do not go into Netscape;
 they simply go back to the ZigZag processor, which updates
 the current window, switches windows, opens new windows,
 closes windows.  (It doesn't have to be that way for all time,
 this is just very simple.)

The windowing system needs:

0.  A main window list.  The sequence of this list (which the
 user may rearrange) specifies the order in which the user
 will cycle through the windows.  Deleting a window means
 it's no longer in the cycle, *though it may remain defined*
 to be reopened later.

Each window should have:

1.  List of specs.  (This list will grow as the program grows.)
 Initial spec on the list: cursor color.  Later specs will include
 size, view mode, size of cellview, raster mode, other viewing
 options associated with the particular window.

2.  Its own dimension list.  This should begin with clones from
 the main dimension list.  User may delete these as desired.

User may add dimensions as desired, but is invited to
 add them to the main list, clone them onto individual
 window lists.

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