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:zz: Nice metaphysics!

Gossamer wrote:

>> Slice of what?

And Xanni Replied:

>Slice of the entire docuverse of all possible Zigzag datasets on all
>machines everywhere.

Nope, VERY different meaning intended.  (See recent emails--
:zz: SLICES, What a Concept (not just whole melons)
:zz: ZigZag Design Notes: SLICE LOGIC 1  (d6 [RESEND]
:zz: Pic for SLICE LOGIC 1  (d6 -- JPEG

But I like this meaning too.  Let's think of another name for it.

"Cosmic Subset"?


At 05:00 PM 10/2/98 +1000, you wrote:
>On Sat, Oct 03, 1998 at 02:57:05AM +1000, Gossamer wrote:
>> Andrew Pam wrote:
>> > zzdump and zzundump always deal with a whole slice, which is the name
>> > we chose to refer to a Zigzag database.
>> We did? 
>> Slice of what?
>Slice of the entire docuverse of all possible Zigzag datasets on all
>machines everywhere.
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