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Re: [zzdev] Re: :zz,osmic,f3,unix: Could a cell be an inode? [resend]

Ted Nelson wrote:
> Trying to set aside my dislike of HTML for a minute--

This isn't HTML.  Don't get HTML and URLs confused - HTML is a screwy
text markup system, URLs are a very very general way to refer to
almost anything.  Useful.

Actually, something I keep forgetting to say ... I suggest that for
OSMIC, if we seriously want to be able to access it from ZigZag
cells, we do:
   1.  I re-design the protocal and re-code the server.  It's not
       very good at the moment.
   2.  Somebody (I'm game to start!) writes up an RFC for the OSMIC
       protocol and releases it.
   3.  Somebody (ditto) writes up an RFC for the URLs in OSMIC style,
       where the last part is the offsets.  That means any web browser
       that picks up and implements that RFC spec can access OSMIC

> >This would allow us to incorporate cells
> >that point to files or portions of files as you suggested. 
> How could it point to "portions of files" without
>  embedded anchors?

1.  Get them off a handy OSMIC server
2.  Use the embedded anchors if it's already a HTML document.
3.  Invent something else.  If we use URLs then we can just invent
    new ones.  Eg, off the top of my head ...  imagine this:
    to retreive lines 2-49 of a text file.  (But I'm sure that's not
    what Xanni meant!)

> Or without resuscitating our currently-defunct
>  TXT SRC server?

What's that?
> >Sure, cells could be references to almost anything - in fact Bek's idea
> >(of using references to URLs) is similar but more generalised.  Of course,
> >the more general the reference and the more layers of dereferencing
> >the slower the performance.  I suggest we adopt Bek's suggestion and
> >make all cells references to URIs, and define some new URIs as needed
> >(for OSMIC, for example).  This would allow us to incorporate cells
> >that point to files or portions of files as you suggested.  This might
> >also mean a change in the system where the Zigzag data contains only the
> >links, and the data itself is stored elswhere - similar to Microcosm.

For that matter, what's Microcosm?

(feeling she knows nothing)

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