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Re: [zzdev] MacOS1-9 help ! (for a MacOSX user)

OS-X Is truly a Unix based operating system.

While all of the OS' before OS-X were not based on anything you've ever worked with before. There is no concept of a "standard input" file. (including "output" and "error")

There is no pipe | and redirection < > in the older releases either.

If the program is indeed, small then may I suggest you acquire MacPerl (http://www.macperl.com/) and rewrite the application using Perl as the base. They completely emulate the stdin, stdout, stderr stream files, as well as provide complete drag and drop support...

Post (or email) the program, I'll give it a quick lookover and tell you how complicated it may be... (unless you know Perl yourself)

At 14:27 +1100 01/15/2003, Lloyd Dupont wrote:
I saw your email on a forum, you seem to be a MacOS8,9X specialist
I used NeXT a long time, I'm perfectly ok with MacOSX
But I'm completly lost with MacOS 1-9
I wonder if you could help me.

I've written a small ANSI-C program which work fine on OSX.Now I need to run it on MasOS 8.

Well I have no idea, in fact it's a command line tool (executed by a Java program). I have no idea even how to test it on MacOS8.
there isn't a command line.
I'm desperate and there is no such thing as Macintochs user group..

could you help me or provide link or guidance....