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Re: Applitude connectivity, was: Re: Spaceparts vs. first-class structures, was: Re: [Gzz] Summing up...

> What is a lifetime of a paragraph? In my opinion, a paragraph is a textual
> unit that tries to concisely bring a point across. Given this, a paragraph
> ceases to be the same when the point changes too substantially.  "Too
> substantially?" How much is that, then? Is there an automatic heuristic?

It's also a certain region in the text.

If a paragraph is split, what happens? ;)

> > The point is that because of the hierarchical containment, we never need
> > to split or join a cell. When there were two paragraphs, P and Q, with
> > their own cells along d..contain-set, and the user joins the two
> > paragraphs, cell Q never disappears: only its "paragraph start" mark is
> > removed. When the user inserts a paragraph break into P, the cell isn't
> > really split; we just split what's *inside* it into multiple cells
> > *contained* in P, and one of these cells has a paragraph start mark. P
> > therefore now contains two paragraphs-- If we now make the links mean,
> > "the paragraph (the beginning of) P/Q is in," our semantics work mostly
> > fine.
> Eeeettoo.. :-& <paku><paku> ...don't tell me that you've gotten rid of
> spans/scrolls and that there's no longer any way of referring to arbitrary
> sequence of text without splitting cells? 

Definitely not. It's much easier, with the new Enfilade1D class.