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Mono quote

Hi Tuomas--

here's the quote from the Mono page I mentioned when we were talking about 
processing Java bytecode. Re-reading it, I do not claim to understand what 
exactly it's supposed to say.

The CIL has some advantages over the Java byte code: it is really an 
intermediate representation and there are a number of restrictions on how you 
can emit CIL code that simplify creating better JIT engines. 

For example, on the CIL, the stack is not really an abstraction available for 
the code generator to use at will. Rather, it is a way of creating a postfix 
representation of the parsed tree. At any given call point or return point, 
the contents of the stack are expected to contain the same object types 
independently of how the instruction was reached. 

I still hold that we shouldn't go into that anytime soon; there's too much 
effort for too little gain. The main speedhog, vstream cells, would be helped 
better by unifying Cells and Steppers internally; see my other mail about 

- Benja