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Re: [zzdev] Scaling, the other way around

> What I want is that the window-cell appears as a scaled-down version of
> the real window, i.e. that the cells in the window cell are scaled to be
> REAL SMALL. Any ideas as to how to implement that?

In Java2D, it is possible to use a scaling transformation. However,
that's not good since it won't work on Kaffe.

It would be good if it were possible to do this efficiently since
we do not want to bog down the display speed.

The two alternatives I see are Flob and FlobSet, or View. And I must
confess that I don't really like either of them too much.

Probably the view would be the correct route, since that would directly
help also when resizing the window to smaller size. The IPAQ has only
320x200 screen size, for example...

The thing there is, of course, that the result is not the same as simply
a scaled-down version of the window - if that's desired, we could of course
render the view fully onto an off-screen buffer and then resize that buffer
when drawing... hmm...

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