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Re: [zzdev] Rasters!

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> Finally I'm coming to understand the mathemathical nature
> of rasters and why they would be useful when using constraints
> to describe the final view. Please take a look at the just committed
> version (1.2 or greater) of Documentation/Manuscripts/Rasters/raster.tex.
> The VanishingView could be described in about 10 lines of code...

I think you get the tree view wrong. The "middle children" approach
seems not to convey the real meaning to me-- which is: The center of the
childrens' rank == the center of the parent cell + a gap constant.

But the issues get more complex... like in this structure:

  / A1
A - A2
  \ A3
  / B1
  / B2
B - B3
  \ B4
  \ B5

Here, the A node went up so as to be in the middle of the A1-A3 rank.
Anyway, specifying this is much easier when you can address the center
of a rank directly, instead of worrying about "middle children."