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Re: [zzdev] d.cellcreation

[13.02.2001 ° 7:54 Uhr] Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho -->

>Do we change the d.cellcreation semantics to include foreign cells
>too? If we do, do we want any ordering properties to

on the topic of d.cellcreation, but not exactly related.. ,

during some  fiddling with nile, i noticed that all the
d.nile-created-dimensions appear only in the d.cellcreation. 
as i understand the aptitutude concept, any additional structure should
be accesable from another part of the zz space. i havent read benjas
apptitude text too closely yet (maybe its explained in there?) but
looking thru thru the changes in the gzigzag strcutres i coulod find any
evidence of the new cells (not linked from the DimList or the Aptitude
dim cell).   and of course there are the erratic raster errors :/