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updated documentation

Hello - 

I forgot to tell you that the updated version of 
the User's Guide has been on the Web for a while.
(8.1 is the new part.)

So if you are interested in the the development of 
this writing tool, visit http://www.gzigzag.org/docs.html 
There's a link to the User's Guide.

There are BUGS. (I've reported the ones that I've found and
Benja fixed some of them when he was here, but all of them
are not yet fixed.) So don't try to write anything previous 
with it yet. You are TEST users.

The User's Guide does not try to be perfect in expression. 
Unfortunately I don't have much time to work with it, since
it is not my only task. Anyway, in case there is something
that you just can't understand, I would like to know.