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Zigzag Workshop at ACM Hypertext Conference

Ted has suggested that the ACM Hypertext 2001 Conference (Denmark, August
14-18) should host a Zigzag Workshop, and so I am trying to front that at
the conference end. One option is to have a "working worshop" which is aimed
at developers and users of zigzag in all its splendid forms in order to
advance the Zigzag agenda in terms of Research and Development. Another is
to have a dissemination workshop, with the aim to introduce and explain both
the Zigzag paradigm and systems. A third is to have our cake and eat it by
running a workshop and a separate tutorial session.

As the members of this list form the natural constituency for such a
workshop, please can you let me know your thoughts?
Would you attend a workshop in Denmark?
Would you make a presentation at the workshop?

Thanks for your attention.