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Re: [zzdev] Question about connecting cells

> already connected downward in d.2 to cell 5 (Actions)?  (The User's Guide
> says "Connect will fail if either of the two cells is connected in that
> direction already, except if one of them is alone in that dimension, in
> which case it is inserted
> next to the other one.")  

Eh, Marlene, firstly, I don't take any responsibility for
that text. I suppose you have taken it from the first version
of the User's Guide written by Tuomas. Please read the updated
version of the User's Guide that can be found on the GZZ site

Secondly, I don't quite understand what the quote means. :-)))
(If you have really found the quote in the updated version of the 
User's Guide I should be ashamed of myself instead of giggling.)

ps. I've written a short introduction to Nile, but all you
eager readers have to wait because I still can't cope with
WML stuff alone. (I'm JUST a user and even the use of Linux
is too complicated sometimes. :-))) A-J's sick. So I
don't quite know what to do. :-))) A very bad situation indeed. 
Oh well. "Always look on the Bright Side of Life". (Monthy Python)
The Lyrics are on the Web, in case you're interested