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Re: [zzdev] 0.5.pre0 out

On 20010121T203200+0200, Benjamin Fallenstein wrote:
> I really want to see the new line-breaker, using the TEX algorithm, in
> 0.5. I've started coding it today, and expect it to be at least
> tomorrow, but possibly Tuesday, until it's running. It'll be quite a
> change and require some serious error-checking. So, either we have to
> release 0.5.0 tomorrow and then make a BIG change till 0.5.1, or wait
> two days or so until we release 0.5.0.

I don't like either option.  I say put the new algoritm in the trunk,
then we wait for at least two weeks (it *has* to be tested properly,
it's such a big change) and branch 0.6.
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