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Re: [zzdev] Re: May I send your ZZ URLs to 'The Economist'?

> >I'll put some more explanation on my pages, and try and point more to
> >Gzigzag. Where is that going, by the way? What is the thrust of its
> >development? 

> The main thrusts of that project appear to be:
> 1)  Making it fast and robust in Java;
> 2)  Going to a self-compiling version, which he calls "bootstrapping"
>  (I don't fully understand this);
> 2)  Satisfying various concerns I don't quite understand;

This reminded me of the short piece of text Tuomas and I wrote 
about two months ago. The target audience was one of our
financiers but we were intending to post that on our 
web site. We forgot, but now that I remember it again,
we'll post it in the near future.

It is called 'GZigZag in a nutshell', answers the questions  
such as 'What is ZigZag?', 'What are the advantages of ZigZag?'
and 'Future of GZigZag?'.

There's a clip of the text:
--- clip --- clip ---

Our goal is to facilitate the production and arrangement of information
by creating, as Nelson expresses it, "a high-power personal and media
system, with editing and presentation systems that expand the state of

Currently we have a working GZigZag on the Java platform, and in the near
future we are focused on developing
- Clang, a cellular language , which makes programming easier
- A network protocol for exchanging cells between computers enabling
synchronizing information between a laptop and a desktop or remote
collaboration with different users
- Virtual structures, which enable any data, such as Web pages
and conventional databases, to be seen through the ZigZag structure
- Porting ZigZag to different devices, for example PDAs and virtual
- Some applitudes, e.g. an e-mail, a digital image processing
and a text editing applitude"

--- clip --- clip ---

The guys have just hacked a wonderful demo in TWO days to
show one of our financiers how news messages could be arranged
using GZigZag (and connected to some of the products that the
people are discussing about). The view is ABSOLUTELY marvellous.
Bidirectional connections. (And I'm a Finn. I don't use positive 
words like this too often. ;-) 

And I'll write a version of the user's guide to Nile (the writing
tool) as soon as possible.