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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Got the gzz Nile demo working inNetscape!

Hi, Marlene--

Marlene Mallicoat schrieb:
> >You select them in the left stream, go
> >back to the right stream to the position where you want to quote, and
> >press Ctrl-T.
> Well, I feel pretty dumb!

Me, too. :)

> "Now find some word in the middle of a paragraph, and the same in the text
> under the other heading.  Press "Ctrl-T". ... You can see a beam showing
> which contents are the same."  To me this sounds like the word already
> exists in each document.

Gotcha -- sorry! As I said, the instructions are a real quick hack. I've
changed them the way you proposed.

> I thought "well, it's just a demo, so it's mainly to show the beam for
> transclusions, so if the word already has to be in both docs, that's OK for
> a demo....".


> Anyway, it's great work.

- Benja