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Re: [zzdev] Got the gzz Nile demo working in Netscape!

Hi Marlene!

Glad the demo is working for you -- actually, these interactions in
browsers are so much of a mystery for me, Tuuka told me in Netscape on
Linux it doesn't run, but it gives different error messages than on Mac. Dunno.

Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
>         When I hit Ctrl-T to create the beam, it causes one of the
>          highlighted words to be duplicated.

Thanks, but I don't get it yet? Could you give an example? (The
transcluded word is duplicated in the other stream, of course -- it's a
transclusion, after all, not a link -- but you mean something different,
don't you?)

> But congratulations on getting this working.  I can't wait until it's
> really part of the stable gzz package.  Umm, er, when do you think that
> might be?

As soon as Tuomas decides it should be, and A-J releases it. A-J said
he'd be back today, so if Tuomas reads this and decides it's a good
thing to release, should be soon. Tuomas? ;o)

I have also put an unstable release (just a snapshot of CVS) on
http://www.channelzilch.com/niledemo/gzz.jar (also reachable from the
index page, http://www.channelzilch.com/niledemo/ ), so if you want to,
you can download it and use it just like a stable release (with even
lesser guarantee there aren't bugs, of course...).

Good luck!
- Benja