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gZZ: Parallel text editing showing transclusions WORKS!

Hi Ted & everyone,

I've just finished a working (albeit buggy) demo of parallel text
editing with the gzz Nile applitude. It allows making transclusions, and
it shows the transclusions between the two documents viewed in a window
using the beams of the Text Cloud demo. It does NOT show beams to
off-screen contents, i.e. when you scroll away and the transcluded
contents get out of sight, no connection is shown, but I think this
shows quite nicely how well this works in the gzz framework.

The patch is committed to the CVS trunk, which means it won't appear in
the stable releases before 0.5.0, but I've put together an applet for
anyone who'd like to have a look earlier:


I hope the instructions are written more or less clear (I've written
them *very* quickly); if you have any questions, just write me a mail,
I'll be glad to help. The whole thing is quite buggy, though; expect a
RASTER ERROR to occur sooner or later...

I hope you like it anyway. I do. ;o)
- Benja