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Re: [zzdev] GZigZag and education?

> > Don't know whether this makes sense, but I've tried to do some
> > pictures which (hopefully) illustrate the idea. Comments, please ;)
> > See http://www.jyu.fi/~wikikr/zz/bb2.html

> It's definitely interesting, but I doubt I can convince any of my
> teachers to work with it, because it's (as far as I see it) not

Hmh, I've heard that Benja's coming to Finland next year, so 
maybe we all just get to together then and brainstorm. 
When are you actually coming? In January?

(This e-mail communication is so frustrating as it takes
so much time and people are more easily misunderstood
than in RL. (I haven't had time to look at Kimmo's 
suggestion yet, but I'll take a look at it sooner or