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Re: [zzdev] 0.3.0 edit window bug

Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
> When I try to open an Edit Window (by choosing Edit Window from the Action
> list), the window opens in the usual place but a big red "RASTER ERROR"
> blinks in the window.
> Is there some other way to open an Edit window?

Hi Marlene,

I think the problem's elsewhere. I have changed the internals of EDITWIN
in the unstable versions, making the thing work again -- we were using a
part of the code before which is actually obsolete in the unstable
versions. At the same time, I've implemented the F1 / HELP feature we
talked about (when you press F1, you get an edit window where you can
enter documentation for the cell the data cursor is on -- there's no
standard documentation yet, though: you just have what you've entered in
the same dataset before).

So at least with the next stable series, the problem should be fixed.
Tuomas: Considering that Nile has some shape now it might make sense to
release 0.4.0?

- Benja