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Re: [Gzigzag-commits] gzigzag/Java/flob FTextLayouter.zob SimpleTextView.zob

On Sat, 25 Nov 2000, Benjamin Fallenstein wrote:

> Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> > But you're right: we shouldn't be solving performance problems until we
> > encounter them. Currently, the most important one would be VanishingView,
> > when depth is set to be large. That's quite slow and I suspect a part of
> > it is because of the FlobSet's liberal use of Vectors. But that would need
> > actual profiling before doing anything to make sure that that is really
> > the place where the trouble is. Because drawing also is significant there.
> Well, my FlobSet-as-Flob draft gets rid of that vector use, using
> pointered lists instead. Unfortunately, I'm not having enough time to
> make it work right now. Sometime in the next few weeks...

Pointered lists of flobs or of new objects? Adding a field to every flob
would not be nice as most cells have only one visible flob at a time, so
that should be the efficient case.