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Re: [zzdev] java.text.BreakIterator

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Nov 2000, Benjamin Fallenstein wrote:
> > The 1.1 API documentation speaks of a line-breaking instance which finds
> > possible line breaks. (I just stumbled over it in the docs, didn't try
> > it out yet.) Doesn't that work, or what?
> Yes, it finds where the next space is. It's not too difficult to do
> manually either, as you have done in FText. ;)

Oops. I thought it would break on hyphens if the locale allows it. Well...

> > > Also, we want special definition of sentence: the separator of sentences
> > > is two spaces.
> >
> > (btw, don't you think sentences should be stored structurally -- e.g.
> > one cell each or something? It makes sense to me to enter them with two
> > spaces, but it makes less sense to me not to have them represent the
> > sentences: that means I can't use two spaces just as two spaces, which
> > seems kind of limiting, and: what do three spaces in a row mean?)
> We've thought about this long and hard here and discussed it with Ted.
> There are very good reasons for doing this for sentences but using
> structure for paragraphs.

Ok. I don't understand all of your reasons, but we don't need to repeat
the discussion while we're under stress. :o)

> The idea of Nile is that it's structured enough so that you won't actually
> need two spaces anywhere. Where would you want to use two spaces as two
> spaces?

In natural language text, everywhere where I want a bigger space than a
space. Well, ok, you can do that with markup, and that'd even make more
sense as it can be parallel; but remember to make it easy to use :)

- Benja