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:xu,htime: Nelson's "hypertime" built into teaching Op.system, Jay Osako

See quote below.

This makes two projects at SourceForge that acknowledge my work.
 This one is at Central Queensland University.

Hypertime, written up under that name in 1996 (they say 1999),
 was ALWAYS in the Xanadu model.

All best, Ted

following quote is from ========== 
also at

It says way down in the page:
Recoverability is understood to be the ability to correct a mistake once
one has been made. 
       Using the idea of "hypertime" from Nelson's OSMIC [Nelson 1999],
comparisons between diverging
       choices or modifications can be made.  The user can follow the
program to a certain point, go back to a
       previous point, make a different decision or modification, and then
examine the differences between the
       two (or more) outcomes.  This creates not only an environment where
a user is unafraid to make a
       mistake but are free to make as many mistakes as they wish.  It is a
completely non-distructive "undo"
       feature where all versions are stored, compared and recovered at any
time.  This can be expanded to
       parallel modifications or groupware where users can begin at one
starting point, develop a conclusion or
       solution to the problem and then make comparisons between other
members of the group. 

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