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Mac use

I am not a programmer, but a designer and beta tester. I also owned a
software company, Neuralink, that published a hypertext Bible on the

I would like to beta test gzigzag on my Mac. Unfortunately, I don't
know enough about programming to get things working on my laptop. I
have a Powerbook 1400. If anyone is using gzigzag on a Mac, I would
appreciate some simple help. What Java and other software do I need
to acquire? How do I compile on a Mac? This might be of help to
others as well.

I would like to put some books into gzigzag format, including the
Bible, and upload them to some egroups file areas and other web
sites. That should be a good test of the program's capabilities.

To design the new structures of writing for screens is a profound
issue of literary structure.  It is important to provide the best
literary structure that we can, for hypertext, as the literature of
tomorrow, determines in part the new structure of civilization.
Civilization is in large part about, and around, what is written. 
This is what we call literature. Literature is an endless river,
connected, like water, in all directions.  Document connections go
forward and backward in time, and sideways between documents. 
Scholarship and fiction, political speeches and criticism,
advertising, journalism and technical reports-- all affect each other
and evolve in a constant flow of ideas and writings. ... Ted Nelson...

Jack Seay jackseay@xxxxxxx