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Re: [zzdev] Parallel text view

> I've just comitted a first version of a parallel text view, which shows
> three text vstreams (Y dimension) connected (X dimension) -- that is,
> the accursed vstream, the vstream of the cell left of the accursed cell,
> and the vstream of the cell right of the accursed cell. It's not perfect
> (the looks need to be tuned, and connections to non-shown cells aren't
> drawn yet), but it is *definitely* worth looking at. (Or so I think.)

Looks excellent!

It does need tuning, efinitely for the connecions, but it looks very

BTW: I noticed curseling seems partially broken: I was able to connect the
cursors but not to disconnect them again (put both on blue, after that got
infiniteloop exception).