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Re: [zzdev] :zz: Trees and Family Trees (was Re: [zzdev] A Brief Introduction to TreeRaster

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Ted Nelson wrote:

> AJ sez
> >Ted: this raster will not (directly) understand the structure you use
> >in the genealogy demo, but I believe that with a slightly different
> >structure it'd be possible (idea: use human children as the tree parents).
> >Or we could make another raster for it :-)
> Hey, I've always said any view is valid.  Everybody gets to see the world
>  their own way, tree-dwellers included !-)  I don't expect to have any uses
>  for this myself, but fine for those who do.
> "Family trees" are only true trees if you figure the females have no
>  ancestry -- no longer a politically correct view-- and make other odd
>  adjustments to prune genetic reality.

A view showing only the male parentage could be a good way of talking
about different views that show different things... Then switching of
course to only female parentage and then to both.