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Re: [zzdev] d.masterdim and slices

On 25 Jul, Tuomas Lukka wrote:
>> Still, if we were to do something to s.0, like export new default
>> settings, then how do we distinguish between exporting s.0 and
>> exporting the compound space as a whole? (Another example: you want
>> the slice's d.masterdim rank or the space's d.masterdim rank)
>> OK, s.0 is special. It might be it's not a problem if it has special and
>> normal slice role at the same time. I guess we'll see as we go on.
> Some points to think about:
> - the default settings may well come as a slice that we attach to s.0.
> Then it would be no problem to just get a new version of that.

So really, what do we need in s.0 anymore? User-space can be on some
other slice, too. What I'm aiming at: we could make s.0 responsible for
only it's special role - holding up the compound space. I think we
wouldn't even have to keep it on disk - we could create it according to
the slices.

> - exporting s.0 will not export anything imported from other slices, like
> e.g. those cells on dimension lists that come from the other slices

And again, how do we distinguish these slices? By cell ID? There has to
be a way, and we lose genericity if we don't at the same time provide
means to the same operations on the whole space.

Just pondering, knowing I don't know really,

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