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Ok, here's the current ChangeLog setup:

ChangeLog is autogenerated from CVS logs.  Make your CVS log entries
meaningful, even as a part of a ChangeLog.  Manual changes to ChangeLog
are lost.

The ChangeLog in CVS is updated daily by a cron job which runs at about 16:10Z.
It also copies the current ChangeLog into
ftp://gzigzag.sourceforge.net/pub/gzigzag/ChangeLog for viewing online.

To update ChangeLog manually, you need cvs2cl.  Grab it from
:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/usr/local/cvs (module cvs2cl, password
"the key", without the quotes).  Run "make ChangeLog" to update the ChangeLog.

The ChangeLog update system uses changelog-authors for mapping CVS user names
into more conventional tags.  Check (and fix) your entry, if you have CVS write

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