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Re: [zzdev] Another big change

Hi Tuomas,

I've just removed the dependence on swing. The program now creates two
top-level windows (Frames). Please tell me if this breaks something.

I've started up 0723-without-modules, the frames look and work ok so far. I see the brown-colored Normal Mode cell and the green-colored Text Edit mode cell, Tab switches modes for me without any problems.

But if I enter any more text than the size of the cell, I can't see it. Using the default settings on my system I can get around 20-25 characters visible, but that's it. Also, I can move the insertion point around inside the cell but I can't see where it is, there seems to be no visible cursor inside the text field.

What can I do to make extended text in one cell visible and accessible? And is there a way to make the text entry-edit easier to view and to use?