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:gzz,xu: YAHOO for textview | brings up a New Fact | and how about 2 protocols? (was Re: [zzdev] VStream raster, first cut

OH BOY!  Now we're talking!

This fits in with a startling discovery I made the other day.

If we have such a view, of text reading downward in d.2,
 and put some table or ZZ-based raster graphic in the middle,
 we can rotate the *other* dimensions on the whole rank,
 and animate the graphics without changing the text.

Another nonobvious and very interesting property we
 should enjoy working with.

Such a text view should be one of the views deliverable in
 a browser from a remote server.  This fits my earlier proposal
 that to send
 should deliver such a viewable page in HTML, as generated
 probably posward in d.1 and d.2 from that cell, whereas
 should deliver that same set of cells themselves.
(Xu is going to be set up for some other functions as well,
 in other reaches of the Xanaverse.)

Best, Ted

At 07:58 PM 7/20/00 +0300, you wrote:
>Ok, I just committed the first "odd" raster that's still somewhat
>integrated (unlike the TextCloud). It's the VStream raster which simply
>draws the text in the cells on the rank on d.2 from the cursor, breaks
>lines suitably and billows it (the part near the cursor is drawn in a
>bigger font).
>The code is slightly more complicated than I'd like - I'll have to find
>ways to whittle it down a little later.
>Adding this new visual mode does increase the power quite nicely even
>though it is at such a rudimentary stage. 
>Please, take a look at it and think about what would be the nicest
>extension to have next; animation is coming soon but as for other stuff, I
>don't know what to prioritize yet.
>	Tuomas
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