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Re: [zzdev] VStream, structured, formatted text applitude

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> This behaviour we don't have, since this is not at all well defined yet.
> But this behaviour isn't really necessary for your applitude, or is it?
> You can define the structure any way you want.

O.k. I'll see how far I get with that -- probably you're right and I
won't need it right now.

> Ok, maybe I'm using the word "flob" a bit too freely and should move to
> "blob". The flob I was talking about is simply a displayed thing on the
> screen, which is associated with a particular cell.
> Ted's real, structural flob is a special case of this. Maybe I should go
> back to calling these "Thing"s again.

Think so -- this one confused me. I'm not sure how much better blob is
-- reading it by itself, I wouldn't be able to assign *any* meaning to
it (except, maybe Binary Large OBject, which you *don't* mean). Thing
has already another meaning in ZZ already; what about "rendered

> What you say is quite possible, and some of the code for the newer system
> I'm writing just now.

Very good. I'll dive into the code tomorrow, and send you a report as
soon as I find a telephone line to plug my notebook into (don't know
when this'll happen).

- Benja