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Re: [zzdev] VStream, structured, formatted text applitude

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> > > What exactly do you mean by itemhandles?
> >
> > It's just another word for handles, which (as you mention d.handle) are
> > probably familiar with. Ted uses the words synonymously in the Floating
> > World design. I wasn't aware that gZZ has d.handle yet.
> d.handle is just another dimension. You can create dimension d.fallenstein
> just by adding it on the dimension list in gzigzag and rotating onto it
> and making connections. Any string can be a dimension. Some, like d.clone,
> have special magic attached to them.

d.handle hasn't? Shouldn't it reattatch the handle if another cell
suddenly is the upper-left corner of a thing?

Here are Ted's words, which I understand that way:
> Where to connect the handle to the item is fairly open. 
> Efficiency question.  I suggest that the handle be
> connected to a unit at the "upper left corner". 
> (Negend in both d.1 and d.2).  If a thing happens to have
> more than one upper left corner, connect it to all of
> them, at the negend of all of the upper left hand
> corner cells. 
> Example.  A list of names and addresses with no title. 
> It begins with the cells "Abraham | Arthur".  The
> system detects that "Abraham" is the upper left corner
> and attaches the handle there.  However, you later
> decide you want first names first, so you make it Arthur
> | Abraham.  The system reattaches it.  Then you
> put in Aardvark | Exterminators and Aardvark becomes the
> upper left corner, so the system reattaches the
> handle to "Aardvark". 

Back to you:
> You do know the anecdotes of people telling Eliza their life's stories ;)

Oh, yes -- and don't forget Weizenbaum's reaction to that! :)

> I think that I'm being unclear and also that there is not yet sufficient
> documentation on how to do applitudes with gZZ. I think that we have 95%
> or more of the code you need, you only need a little bit of glue code,
> some new flob classes and that's it.
> Please keep asking because then I know better how to explain this. I
> should probably later format this conversation into a "applitude
> developer's guide" ;)

Ok, got the message! I'll have a look at the code tomorrow, as I'll have
to do several hours of traveling (in car, but not driving). I'll fire my
questions back after that -- along with suggestions for the docs.

Just one question before. You mentioned that I should use TextClouds to
have word wrap and that I should render my text as flobs. Does that mean
that TextClouds can word-wrap text made out of flobs? How does that
work? I.e. can I have flobs "Move ", "[which card?]", " to ", "[which
stack?]", "." and together they form a word-wrapped TextCloud? And which
classes do I need to use for that?

- Benjamin