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:zz: Re: Open Source Developer Day


Thanks for sending this conference summary.

It becomes especially relevant if we decide
 to try to do a freeware ZigZag.


At 04:20 AM 7/12/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 15:20:49 -0700
>From: Lisa Mann <lisam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Could you create the next Linux or Apache? Come to 
>the first Open Source Developer Day and find out how 
>it's done. Join us on Friday,August 21 from 9:00am-5:00pm 
>at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California, 
>immediately following the Perl Conference.
>Open Source Developer Day is designed to provide 
>practical informationabout how open source software 
>works in the real world. The event focuses on how 
>successful open source software communities have
>developed, and the business models and licenses 
>which people have created to support them. 
>Topics include:
>* Open Source: Essential Concepts and Models: 
>        an explanation of the theory and practice of creating 
>        successful open source software
>* Open Source Project Management and Logistics: 
>        how to get a large,'disparate group of volunteer 
>        developers to work in tandem, coordinating
>        version control, security and bug fixes;
>* Open Source Business Models: 
>        presenters will discuss ways they've found to 
>        create profitable businesses while still supporting 
>        open source communities, including selling enhanced 
>        software, services,and books
>* Licensing and Legal Issues: 
>        discussion of the thorny questions and creative 
>        solutions critical to the further development of
>        open source software.
>Presenters are key members of open source communities including
>Apache, Linux, Perl and mozilla.org.
>For complete information and online registration, 
>go to:
>Admission to Open Source Developer Day is $195 
>through July 15,and for attendees of Perl Conference 2.0; 
>after July 15, general admission is $295.
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