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:zz: Catching you up: developer lgs 1

Hi Mark--

Great seeing you last week.  Your reaction
 to ZigZag makes me feel GREAT.

So now I must get your advice, urgently.
 Please tell me what times I might call you
 during the next 3 or 4 days.

Here's the question, loud and simple:

We want ZigZag to be a widespread system.

For deployment, I have not attachment to Perl.
 ZigZag processors can obviously be built in
 any language.  That is not the problem.

HERE'S the problem: we want people to be able
 to develop platform-independent code for it.

So the question is: CODE IN WHAT LANGUAGE?
 This is, obviously, a political question;
 and while the answer should not be technically
 stupid, the answer is principally a political answer.

Both of us have made political mistakes over
 computer languages.  But pooling our experience here
 could be very beneficial.

The leading contenders, as I see it, are:
 Pseudocode of some kind.
 As I write this, it occurs to me that Scheme
  might be an excellent choice.

An email reply to this would be nice,
 but I suspect a call would be simpler.  I note
 that you're not big on verbose email replies.


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