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Re: [zigzag] Quick Question

On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 09:43:06AM +0100, Oni wrote:
> Hi, im a research student at Manchester University and I just wanted to
> query one point in ZigZag. Does every element exist in every dimension?
> In theory they should (as they do in the real world) but then it's a big
> limitation and from the examples I've seen this isn't the case but I
> just wanted to make certain as it does bring up some interesting
> results.

Conceptually, every Zigzag cell exists in a space comprised of all the
declared dimensions.  However there is no requirement that any given
cell have connections on any of the dimensions.  In fact typically
most cells will have connections in only a subset of the dimensions.

Existing implementations record the connections for each cell, but
do not record potential connections that do not yet exist.

Hope that helps,
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