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Re: XML -- Format (import)

Ludger Humbert wrote:

looking for a tool to present [dynamic] structures I found out while researching
in the field of didactics of informatics I found
In my opinion: a great tool!

To use it extensivly, I want to find a way to put my data (generated by several latex-runs)
direct into a data-structure, which could then be read by

I found
but I did not find any documentation about the format of this and even
I'm not able to  use this "feature".

Please be so kind and help me on the way.


eXcuse ...
in the meantime I co'ed the sources and surprise ;-)
I found the following
piece of code
Now I'm going to test this ....

* Written by Tuukka Hastrup
* Very heavily modified by Tuomas Lukka

/** An XML importer/exporter.
* <p>
* Export: <ul>
* <li> with data view cursor, point to a cell containing the filename
* <li> running the action <b>XML.EXPORT</b> will now export the whole space

I made a cell and put the XML.EXPORT
in it.
And another cell with the file-name as contents.

* </ul>

I understand it
now I run the command, the action took place and a the file was generated.

* Import: <ul>
* <li> with data view cursor, point to a cell containing the filename
* <li> if there's a cell from that cell poswards on <d>d.1</b>, this cell
*      will be used as a root for the imported space, otherwise a new
*      cell is created there
* <li> running the action <b>XML.IMPORT</b> will now import the whole space.
* XXX <string>Notice</string> that if there was a connection from home cell
* negwards on d.1 to be imported, it's not there because that's where
* the filename cell is!

I'll try it later


public class XML {
public static final String rcsid = "$Id: XML.java,v 1.11 2000/11/03 08:01:05 ajk Exp $";